Question & Answers

  • What’s with the new website??

    We’ve been listening to your feedback and working to build the experience that you deserve. Since we’re bootstrapping this thing, you’ll see the process unfold (homepage spelling errors and all).
    First, we’re going to build a website and app that makes it easier for you to fly privately. Set flight alerts; add your friends to your Hobo Squad; charter a return flight. Second, we'll be adding more and more flights in your area.

  • When will you add more flights??

    We’ll be launching many new flights in the coming months. The more people that use our site and app in a particular area, the more flights we’ll be able to add in those areas. So please do tell your friends about us.

  • What is Hobo Squad??

    The more people that use the HoboJet website and app in a particular area, the more flights we’ll be able to add in that area. You need more flights and we need more users. Hobo Squad is a way for us to reward those of you who tell your friends about HoboJet. So we offer exclusive deals, freebies, and mystery flights to Hobo Squads. All you need to do is add 3 friends to your Hobo Squad, which is absolutely FREE for everyone.

  • Is the price per seat or per jet?

    Our price is per JET. Bring your friends at no additional charge.

  • Is the price for round trip?

    The price is for a one-way flight. You can charter a return flight through HoboJet but it’ll be expensive. As we add users, we’ll have more and more return flight options.

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